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About Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a creation of the mind that can be used in business. It is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect.

Types of IP

There are many types of intellectual property, each protecting different aspects of a creation.


Protects a logo, business name, brand name, and many more.


Protects the inventive kernel of a process or product.

One Product, Many IP Rights



Protects magazines, promotional materials, artwork

Domain name

Protects the website of the manufacturer

Protects brand of manufacturer


Protects functions of the plane

Industrial design

Protects the shape of the plane

IP Rights & the Law
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These creations of the mind are protected by the law. Each IP right is governed by its own law.

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To obtain protection for most IPs in Malaysia, an application for registration must be lodged at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

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Protection of IP is territorial ie. protection is only applicable in the country(s) where it is being applied for.

Imagine a world without IP protection...

You spent half your life inventing the new airplane, and the very next day, your competitors have reverse engineered your invention and are able to manufacture it at half the price, leaving you, the inventor, stuck in a rut.

If this were the case, would you even bother re-inventing the airplane...?

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IP =
Exclusivity through Uniqueness

IP is important because it gives you.....

Exclusive Rights

A competitive edge

Success &
Return on Investment

Promotes progress, spurs innovation & drives businesses forward

3 Ways IP Helps your Business
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Decision making & Crafting of business strategies

As a business owner, you can use IP:-

  • As a selling proposition for your IP protected products

  • As an intelligence tool

  • To attract key employees

Gives you business & competitive advantage

  • Keeps competition at bay

  • Gives you the upper hand when battling against "copy cats"

  • Show of strength and dominance in a marketplace & industry

IP is your business' asset

  • IP is an asset which must be used to increase its value

  • IP can be a secondary source of income when it is being licensed or sold.

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