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Our Services

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Trademark Registration & Renewal

Protect your brand, business name, logo and more with us! We handle your trademark registration from pre-filing searches to registration and renewal!

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Voluntary Copyright Notification

Getting creative with a piece of art, music, video, film, book or other creative work? Why not protect it by getting a Voluntary Copyright Notification!

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IP Transactions

We offer services in relation to licensing, franchising, sales & purchase of IP assets, as well as related contracts relating to IP assets.

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Patent Registration & Renewal

Come  up with your very own, one-of-a-kind product or process of doing something? We help you protect them through patent registration. 

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Other Intellectual Property Rights

Protect other IP rights such as Geographical Indications, Plant Variety Protection, Trade Secrets, Domain Name and Layout of Integrated Circuits.

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IP Dispute Resolution

We prioritize resolving disputes without necessitating the need for a court related action. If it does end up in court, we can act as your strategic advisor.

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Industrial Design Registration & Renewal

Designed an interesting shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation for your product? Protect it by registering it as an industrial design!

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IP Development & Commercialization

Not sure what's next for your IP portfolio? We offer solutions to develop and commercialize your IP, and in the identification of new IP assets.

Audience and Lecturer

IP Education

We conduct talks, seminars and trainings with content tailor made to your requirements and the audience' s needs. 

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