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About IP  /  Copyright

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of the creative work, usually for a limited time.

Work Eligible for Copyright

Literary work

Books, journal, articles, computer software & programs, poems, databases, song lyrics etc.

Sound recordings

Recordings of music, audio podcasts, radio play etc.

Musical work

Musical scores or any graphical notation of musical work


Transmission of visual images, sounds or other information

Artistic work

Photographs, paintings, sculptures, maps, charts, model for a building, artistic craftmanship (crafts, woodworking) etc.

Derivative work

Work based upon one or more pre-existing works, such as translations, adaptations, arrangements etc.


TV programs, documentaries, short films, home videos, animated films and cartoons, digital commercials, video podcasts

Copyright in Malaysia

Copyright arises as of creation, and is a non-registrable right in Malaysia.

Voluntary Copyright Notification System is available for copyright owners to record their work with the Copyright Controller.

Symbol "©" is used to indicate copyright, and can be used on any creative work at anytime.

Rights of a Copyright Owner

Copyright owners have exclusive rights to control their work, largely in the following areas:

Term of Protection

Literary, musical and artistic work

Copyright subsists during the life of the author with an addition of 50 years after his/her death.


Copyright subsists for 50 years from the broadcast was first made.

Films and sound recordings

Copyright subsists for 50 years from which the work was first published, fixed in a fixation for the film and sound recording.

Government work

Copyright subsists for 50 years from which the work was first published.

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Why obtain a Voluntary Copyright Notification?


Formal structure in place to record claim to ownership of copyright resident in a created work.


Apart from the Voluntary Copyright Notification, the copyright owner can request for a Certificate as well.


In times of challenge, the Notification or Certificate functions as evidence, in the event of infringement by third parties.


Copyright license holders can also record themselves as licensees of the copyrighted work.

  1. Details of Copyright Owner

  2. Details of Author

  3. Details of work

  4. Copy of the work to be deposited

  5. Appointment of Representative (to be provided)

Your creation deserves protection.

Every creation of the mind, big or small, deserves to be protected. We can help you with it. 

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