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Industrial Designs

About IP  /  Industrial Design

Industrial designs protect the outlook of your products. It could be a 3-D shape (shape & configuration)
or a 2-D feature (pattern & ornamentation).

Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk

Industrial Designs Law in Malaysia

  • Industrial Designs Act 1996 

  • Industrial Designs Regulations 1999

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

Why Register your Industrial Design?

Owners of registered industrial designs have exclusive rights to manufacture, sell or license products bearing the registered design.

Industrial Designs in Malaysia

Worldwide Novelty

Design must be new throughout the world


Malaysia utilizes the 13th edition of the Locarno classification

First-to-file System

First person to file the design, owns the design

Term of Protection

25 years from the date of registration, upon renewal every 5 years

Multiple Design System

An application can be for a single design, or can include additional designs under the same application

Industrial Design Registration Process (in Malaysia)


Industrial Design Application

Submission of industrial design application to IP Office in Malaysia (MyIPO).


Formality Examination

Examiners in MyIPO conducts a formality examination to assess if the application complies with the formality requirements.

Requirements for Registration
  1. Applicant name, address and nationality

  2. Design author(s) name, address and nationality

  3. Representation of the Article of Design

  4. Locarno Classification (we can assist you in identifying this)

  5. Industrial Design Agent Appointment Form (to be provided)

Your creation deserves protection.

Every creation of the mind, big or small, deserves to be protected. We can help you with it. 

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