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Executive - Information Technology


Jed serves as the Information Technology Executive at DCC Advanz. Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Computing specialising in Multimedia from Staffordshire University, Jed is adept in computers and computational systems, and hence oversees office security and connectivity.

Prior to joining DCC Advanz, he worked as Information Technology Executive and Systems Engineer in several large multi-national companies.

Key Skills

Jed's current role as the Information Technology Executive grants him the responsibility of the office computer systems and all technological implementations within the office. With his curious and experimental nature, Jed regularly seeks out new and improved solutions to improve office security, productivity and connectivity, allowing DCC Advanz to function at optimum levels.

  • Bachelor in Computing (Multimedia) – Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) / Staffordshire University

Key Areas
  • IT Systems & Administration

  • Database Management

  • English

  • Bahasa Malaysia


During his free time, Jed indulges in a good book and reads up on the latest developments on computers and technology. He also enjoys watching motorsport races and regularly catches up on the latest news in the sport.

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