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Integration of Advanz Fidelis with Davies Collison Cave – DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd

We are delighted to announce that Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd will be integrating with Davies Collison Cave, and will, from 11 October 2022, be known as DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“DCC Advanz”).

Why the Change?

Since joining the QANTM Group (“Group”) in 2018, Advanz Fidelis has leveraged on the strength of the Group in growing its capabilities and in the development of its team through close cooperation and collaboration between the Group and its members. The Group has now embarked on initiatives relating to business strengthening, operational simplification and technology modernization, and in line with this, strengthening operations in Asia by the integration of Advanz Fidelis into DCC was a natural fit. This creates a wealth of opportunities and synergies between the two companies – the introduction of the DCC brand into the Malaysian market, and the expansion of the capacity of DCC to provide professional services to clients across Malaysia, on top of its present footprint across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

What are the Changes?

Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd is now rebranded to DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd. All other aspects of the business will remain the same – the organizational structure, management team and employees of the renamed entity remain the same, with Debbie David continuing to lead the team in Malaysia in her re-titled role of Managing Principal. She remains an Executive Director of the company.

How Will These Changes Affect You?

There are no immediate changes to Advanz Fidelis’ relationship with you– in fact, our focus is to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. Your contact points and working relationship with us will remain the same, and we anticipate will be better, as further enhancements and improvements are made in line with the integration. You can now enjoy the benefits of both the Advanz and DCC expertise and experience, as we embark on this next chapter of our journey in the provision of IP services at the highest level.

When Will the Changes Happen?

The changes to the company name have already taken place, and we confirm that Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd is now known as DCC Advanz Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

We will continue to keep you posted of developments and of innovative and improved service offerings in Malaysia!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, by writing to Debbie David at


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