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Viann WAN

Senior Executive - Trademarks


Viann serves as senior executive in the Trademarks Department, and joined DCC Advanz after working as an intern while she was in between her studies. She has a background in hospitality having obtained a Diploma in Tourism and Travel management, before discovering her interest in the realm of trademarks where she has chosen to further develop her skills.

Key Skills

Viann predominantly works in the administration of trademark portfolios, and assists in the administration of the department to ensure that it operates seamlessly. Her daily tasks are primarily in relation to filing applications, reviewing specifications and seeing the applications through to registration and renewal. She regularly assists in the management of relevant deadlines and follow-ups and liaises with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) on various matters.

  • Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management, Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Key Areas
  • Trademark prosecution

  • Trademark administration

  • English

  • Bahasa Malaysia

  • Cantonese


You can often catch Viann rushing off to the cinema whenever time permits as she enjoys catching up on the latest movies. Her desire to travel around the world has piqued her interest in picking up new languages. She tries to pick up the language as much as possible before visiting a country, so as to be able to better appreciate the foreign culture and obtain an immersive experience.

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Viann WAN
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