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IP Filing Fund 2.0 - Register your IP now with subsidies available!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Intellectual Property Filing Fund

Use this limited opportunity to save when you utilize the subsidy offered by the Intellectual Property Fund 2.0 to register your intellectual property. The funds are limited, so do hurry before it runs out!

The Intellectual Property Fund 2.0 is an initiative by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living to propel innovation and encourage the protection of intellectual property assets amongst Malaysian citizens and businesses.


- Malaysian citizens age 18 & above

- Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) / Sole Proprietorship / Partnership

- Kumpulan Inovatif & Kreatif (KIK) for ministries / agencies

- Local communities

- Students

Types of IP:-

- Trademark (fund is fully utilized)

- Patent (fund is fully utilized)

- Utility Innovation (fund is fully utilized)

- Industrial Design

- Copyright (fund is fully utilized)

How does it work?

1. Apply for the IP Filing Fund 2.0.

2. The IP Fund covers:-

a. All official fees to file an IP application

b. Limited professional fees for patent searching and drafting (for patent & utility innovation only)

3. Grant will be given in the form of vouchers.

Get in touch with us via this form or Whatsapp us to find out how to proceed.


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